About Us



We started this blog as undergraduate finalists at Durham University, UK, with a keen interest in Anthropology and its related subjects. Haylie (she/her) studied Anthropology, and Sabrina (she/her) studied joint Anthropology and Archaeology. We also went on to MSc degrees in Global Governance and Ethics (Haylie at UCL, UK) and Bioarchaeology with Forensic Anthropology (Sabrina at Exeter, UK).

Some of our research interests include…

Haylie: post truth politics, contemporary politics, development, anthropology of law, ethics

Sabrina: bioarchaeology and the body, forensic anthropology, gender, Egyptology, material culture, political anthropology

…and we find lots of other topics interesting too!

Hope you enjoy this blog 🙂 Feel free to comment, we’re always up for a discussion!

Enquiries/if you’re not comfortable commenting publicly: anthrotopical@gmail.com